Friday, 4 March 2011

Evaluation part 8

Since the begging of this project I feel as though I have come along way and have learnt a lot about coming over technical problems and skills with in producing our title sequence. I have learnt a lot more on how to use a camera and the processes of editing. Also i found that if I put a lot of my own time into my work like staying after school to help editing and filming after school and recording after school you get a better final product.

Overall I feel as though our title sequence is very successful it has come a long way. Scince the begging of this title sequence it has made a dramatic change the content of our title sequence now is very differnt to how it was a few weeks ago. Now i feel as though it is a title sequence. Whereas i used to just think it was a clip from a badly made film. I am very pleased with out final product.

Evaluation part 7

While making this tile sequence one of the key decision that we made was to get as much footage as possible even if the idea didn't seem very good we still filmed it just in case we needed it or didn't like something else we filmed. It was just to make sure we had enough. One of the reasons for this was because if we went to film in the same location again the weather could be different and then it would change the brightness and everything about that one peice of footage.

Another thing that i have learnt is to film in good lighting. For example as we were filming in the forest the light was getting darker and darker and i think you can see this in the video. Right at the end where i get dragged through the mud it seems darker than the rest of the footage.

Evaluation part 6

I think that we have attracted our audience by drawing them in to our sequence with the chase scene.I think that this part appeals to the audience the most.They are intrigued to know what is next.

Here is a quote from someone saying "It has that twilight kind of feeling" in a way this is a good point because people who love Twilight will want to come and see our film but on the other hand if they have said that then it could mean that our title sequence and Twilight are very similar even though ours is more of a thrilling film. So maybe if we made it more jumpy and scary it would of put people on the edge of their seats more and think it isn't like Twilight at all.

Evaluation part 5

Our title sequence represents a typical horror/thriller film.
For the sound we have used a scream and a lot of horror films have screaming in them to make it intense. I feel as though there is a lot of anchorage in our title sequence again because of the chase. Also people may wonder what will the vampire do next. The typography doesn't exactly represent horror but it is still creepy,slow and effective. The expressionism I feel has been done well because horror films are usually filmed in the dark,or have a dark element to them.
We didn't have to use many props we only used the picture to stick on the wall and a phone at the end where a girl looks through pictures.

Evaluation, part 4

Our title sequence focuses on the main features of an intense,jumpy thriller. We haven't given too much away or made it too obvious what our film could be about. We have just shown a chases which should hopefully draw the audience in and get them thinking why is she being chased? and then they will want to know more. Our scenes are dark and eerie which are typical code and conventions of a horror film. Also Meany horror films have a chase scene in them to build up tension so if we put that at the begging in the titles then it will make people want to watch on.

Firstly we had to choose the genre of our film to then get an idea of what location, settings, sound, lighting we would need to include in our sequence. Our genre was fantasy/horror/thriller. At first I was thinking of dark alleyways, small narrow streets at dusk or night.In the end we filmed in a forest as it was going dark. I feel as though it gave our title sequence a mood, it made me feel helplessness and isolation for the character. I find that I feel that way when I watch horror films and a character is on their own, for example in 'The Orphan'.

There is a scene in Twilight where there is a deer chase, this gave us a few ideas on how to set up the camera for example high and low angles, point of view angles. In our title sequence we used a point of view angle. I had to hold the camera while running this puts the audience in my eye view so they are seeing what I am seeing. And we done the same with the vampire's point of view, so he can see me running in front of him. There is a shot in the sequence which i really like, it is when i run and jump over the camera. This is a worms eye view.

The typography in our sequence is now simple. At first we choose a medieval font and filled it in with the colour red. Our font now is much more improved, we didn't want it too be red because it was too obvious because it associates with blood and danger. Also it did look a bit childish. I really like the slow fade in and the fade out it looks as though it is seeping thorough the screen, that on its own seems eerie. From research I noticed that in the title sequence for 'Se7en'the font was white and it gave it a neat simple look but it was still effective.

With the music we had a few problems. The first idea was to use the song 'Creep' by Radiohead but we wasn't allowed to because of the copyright. so we managed to record the instruments of the song by the school band but we was never able to record Helen's vocals because she was never in school. We asked another person but he didn't seem to keen on doing it. In the end we decided not to use creep anymore and went on a web sight and found a similar piece of music where it was non copyrighted, it starts off slow pace and then builds up. It is quite a rocky kind of song but that is what we wanted. We also recorded our screams because our original one wasnt effective enough. And now we have a better one.

With the editing the hardest part was keeping the shots in time with the music. We had parts that we wanted to be in slow motion for the slow part of the song. Also it took us a long time deciding on what effects and motions we wanted on our footage.

Evaluation, part 3

The kind of media institution that could distribute our title sequence would be Warner Bros. We chose this company because of certain films that they have done, for example the harry potter film 'The Deathly Hallows' and the bat man film 'The Dark Knight'. These films and Warner Bros are very popular with the audiences so therefore would give our film good publicity. Also these films have elements of dark and gloom and also have lots of action, just like our title sequence dose. The audience for these two films are also around the same age group who we would want to watch our genre of film. Warner Bros has also done films for the young generation for example Corpse Bride. Which would be aimed at around 12-18's. So overall I think that our title sequence would fit in nicely with Warner Bros.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Evaluation part 2

The target audience for our title sequence are males and females from around the age of 15-30 but it would mainly be targeting females. We are targeting people who like fantasy action films. We are targeting people who don't mind a bit of jumpy thrilling action, romance and a bit of blood and gore. And people who enjoyed the Twilight saga films. We want people to watch it with an open mind and imagination. We are targeting people who love to socialise and go to the cinema with their friends and families and will also be able to afford to go out and see or buy the film. Our group didn't do any pre-production research and the consequences of this is that we dont know if people will not like our idea or the genre of our film so it was a bit risky.But the feedback we got was mostly positive.